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Sword Art Online - Asuna - Cu-Poche (Kotobukiya)

$49.01 USD

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  • Franchise: Sword Art Online
  • Brand: Kotobukiya
  • Release Date: 12. Dec 2014
  • Type: General
  • Dimensions: H=110 mm (4.29 in)
  • Material: ABS, MAGNET, PVC

Find your favorite Sword Art Online figures, showcasing the virtual reality adventurers and their epic quests in this immersive series. For additional selections, including figures of Asuna, visit the full Sword Art Online collection here.

Sword Art Online - Asuna - Cu-Poche (Kotobukiya), Franchise: Sword Art Online, Release Date: 12. Dec 2014, Dimensions: H=110 mm (4.29 in), Material: ABS, MAGNET, PVC, Nippon Figures
Nippon Figures

Sword Art Online - Asuna - Cu-Poche (Kotobukiya)

$49.01 USD
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