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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG - Nippon Figures

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

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Choose from these and more series to find the cards that best suit your strategy and style of play. At Nippon Figures, we ensure that every duelist can find the perfect cards to enhance their deck and improve their chances of victory.

How Many Cards in a Box?

Understanding the contents of each box can help you maximize your collection and improve your deck. Here’s a breakdown of what you can typically expect in various Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG boxes:

Knowing the card count helps you plan your purchases better and ensures you get the most value out of each box.

How Much Do Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Cost?

The cost of Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG products can vary based on the type and rarity of the cards. Here’s a general price guide:

At Nippon Figures, we strive to offer competitive pricing and a wide selection to suit every budget. Whether you’re a casual player or a serious collector, you’ll find great value in our Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG collection.

Find Your Favorite Cards!

Discover some of the most exciting series within our Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG collection at Nippon Figures. Whether you’re looking to enhance your deck or start a new one, these popular series are a great place to begin:

Explore the full Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG collection at Nippon Figures to find all your favorite cards and build the ultimate deck. Each series offers unique cards and strategies, ensuring there's something for every duelist.

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