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Sword Art Online Figures - Nippon Figures

Sword Art Online Figures

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Why Sword Art Online Figures?

Sword Art Online figures at Nippon Figures bring to life the thrilling virtual world of Aincrad and beyond. These figures capture the essence of the series' dynamic characters and intricate plotlines. Fans can own a piece of this beloved anime, from Kirito's dual-wielding prowess to Asuna's graceful combat skills. Each figure reflects the intense battles, emotional depth, and fantastical elements that make Sword Art Online a standout in the anime realm.

Which Sword Art Online Figures to Choose?

Selecting the right Sword Art Online figure requires attention to several factors to ensure you capture the spirit of the series:

  • Character: Choose figures of main characters like Kirito and Asuna or explore secondary characters to complete your collection.
  • Pose and Detail: Look for dynamic poses that showcase the characters' abilities and personalities, with meticulous attention to costume and weapon details.
  • Quality and Authenticity: Opt for figures from renowned manufacturers to guarantee high-quality craftsmanship and accurate representation.
  • Series and Editions: Consider figures from various story arcs like the Aincrad, Alfheim, or Gun Gale Online arcs to represent different facets of the series.
  • Size and Scale: Decide based on your display space, with larger figures offering more detail and smaller ones for compact setups.

By considering these aspects, you can find a Sword Art Online figure that perfectly matches your preferences and collection needs.

Which Brands to Choose From?

For enthusiasts of Sword Art Online (SAO) figures, choosing the right brand is crucial for ensuring quality and satisfaction. Here are some top brands that offer SAO figures:

  • Bandai: Known for its high-quality craftsmanship, Bandai produces SAO figures that are detailed and true to the anime’s characters.
  • Good Smile Company: Offers a range of Nendoroid and Figma figures, perfect for fans who appreciate poseable and expressive collectibles.
  • Kotobukiya: This brand is renowned for its beautifully sculpted and painted SAO figures, often capturing dynamic scenes from the anime.

These brands are reputable and known for their attention to detail, making them excellent choices for collecting SAO figures.

How Much Do Sword Art Online Figures Cost?

Sword Art Online figures come in various price ranges to suit different budgets:

  • Affordable: These figures are budget-friendly and provide good value, ideal for casual collectors.
  • Mid-Range: Offering a balance between cost and quality, these figures have more detail and are typically larger in size.
  • Premium: For the serious collector, premium figures feature exceptional detail, quality materials, and unique designs, reflecting their higher price point.

This price diversity ensures that every SAO fan can find a figure that fits their budget and collection preferences.

Find Your Favorite Figure!

Discover the most sought-after characters in our Sword Art Online collection at Nippon Figures:

  • Kirito: The protagonist of the series, known for his dual-wielding skills and black swordsman outfit, is a fan favorite.
  • Asuna: Renowned for her leadership in the Knights of the Blood Oath and her exceptional rapier skills, Asuna figures are highly coveted.
  • Sinon: Recognized for her sniper abilities and cool demeanor in the Gun Gale Online arc, Sinon figures capture her sharpshooter essence.
  • Yuuki: Admired for her extraordinary sword skills and touching storyline, Yuuki figures are cherished by fans for their emotional impact.

These characters, among others from the series, are represented in various poses and outfits, giving fans ample choices to find the figure that resonates most with their love for Sword Art Online.

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