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Dragon Ball Figures - Nippon Figures

Dragon Ball Figures

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Why Dragon Ball Figures?

Dragon Ball figures embody the global phenomenon of the anime, captivating millions with dynamic characters, epic battles, and profound stories of friendship, rivalry, and perseverance. At Nippon Figures, we recognize the timeless appeal of Dragon Ball, offering fans and collectors an extensive collection of figures from the Dragon Ball universe, including Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. Our selection celebrates the iconic moments and beloved characters created by Akira Toriyama, from the courageous Goku to the menacing Frieza, and everyone in between. Each figure in our collection is a piece of the Dragon Ball legacy, bringing the thrill of the fight and the spirit of adventure into your home.

Which Dragon Ball Figures to Choose?

Embarking on the journey to choose the perfect Dragon Ball figure can feel as exciting as Goku’s quest for the Dragon Balls. Here are some key aspects to consider that can help guide your selection:

  • Character: Whether you're drawn to Goku's unwavering heroism, Vegeta's prideful evolution, or Piccolo's wise mentorship, start by choosing figures of characters that resonate most with you.
  • Pose and Detail: The best figures capture the essence of Dragon Ball's dynamic action and emotional depth. Look for poses that embody the character’s most powerful moments and details that bring their personalities to life.
  • Quality and Authenticity: Authentic figures from reputable manufacturers ensure that you’re getting a collectible that’s true to the art and spirit of the series.
  • Series and Editions: From the classic Dragon Ball Z saga to the latest arcs in Dragon Ball Super, consider focusing your collection on specific storylines or editions that you cherish.
  • Size and Scale: Figure size can range from compact models perfect for desk displays to larger, more detailed statues designed to be the centerpiece of your collection.

By keeping these factors in mind, fans can select Dragon Ball figures that not only enhance their collection but also hold personal significance and celebrate their favorite aspects of the series.

Which Brands to Choose From?

The universe of Dragon Ball figures is vast and diverse, with several renowned brands bringing these cherished characters to life. At Nippon Figures, we've curated a selection from the best in the business, ensuring every fan finds a figure that meets their standards for quality and authenticity:

  • Bandai: A leader in the industry, Bandai's figures are known for their exceptional detail, dynamic poses, and faithful adherence to Akira Toriyama's original designs.
  • Banpresto: Offers a wide array of figures that strike a balance between high quality and affordability, making them popular among both casual fans and serious collectors.
  • Megahouse: Specializes in premium, detailed figures that stand out for their artistry and accuracy, appealing to those looking for high-end collectibles.

Choosing a figure from these reputable brands ensures that collectors are investing in quality and authenticity, with each figure being a worthy addition to any Dragon Ball collection.

How Much Do Dragon Ball Figures Cost?

The cost of Dragon Ball figures can span a wide range, accommodating fans with different budgets and collection goals:

  • Affordable: Entry-level figures that allow fans to celebrate their love for Dragon Ball without a significant financial commitment. These figures often capture iconic characters in static poses.
  • Mid-Range: These figures typically offer more dynamic poses, detailed sculpts, and come from well-known series within the brands mentioned, providing a great balance between cost and craftsmanship.
  • Premium: For the ultimate collectors, premium figures feature exceptional detail, limited edition releases, and often include special features like interchangeable parts or elaborate bases, representing a higher price point.

Nippon Figures provides a comprehensive range of prices to ensure that every Dragon Ball fan can find a figure that fits their budget while still fulfilling their desire for high-quality collectibles.

Find Your Favorite Figure!

Nippon Figures proudly offers an extensive selection of Dragon Ball figures, featuring some of the most iconic and beloved characters from the series. Whether you're a fan of the original Dragon Ball, the intense battles of Dragon Ball Z, or the latest adventures in Dragon Ball Super, our collection caters to fans of all eras. Here are just a few of the most popular characters you can find in our collection:

  • Goku: The heart and soul of Dragon Ball, Goku's figures capture his various forms and transformations, from the classic orange gi to the powerful Ultra Instinct.
  • Vegeta: The proud Saiyan prince's journey from villain to hero is depicted in figures showcasing his evolution, including his Super Saiyan forms.
  • Piccolo: The wise and powerful Namekian warrior is available in figures that highlight his iconic Special Beam Cannon pose and his protective stance towards Gohan.
  • Frieza: As one of Goku's most formidable foes, Frieza's figures capture his menacing elegance and various transformations.
  • Trunks: The time-traveling Saiyan's figures include both his Future and Kid versions, each with their own distinctive look and weapons.

These characters, along with others from the expansive Dragon Ball universe, are represented in our collection, offering fans a variety of choices to commemorate their favorite moments and battles. Whether you're looking to start a new collection or expand an existing one, Nippon Figures is your destination for authentic, high-quality Dragon Ball figures.

At Nippon Figures, we understand the passion and dedication of Dragon Ball fans. Our collection is constantly updated with the latest releases, including limited edition and exclusive figures, ensuring that collectors have access to the best selection possible. 

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