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Bleach Figures - Nippon Figures

Bleach Figures

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Why Bleach Figures?

Bleach figures from Nippon Figures immerse fans in the Soul Society and beyond, capturing the essence of the beloved anime and manga series. These collectibles embody the spirit of Tite Kubo's creation, showcasing the unique blend of action, character depth, and captivating storylines. From Ichigo’s fierce battles to the diverse array of Soul Reapers, each figure is a testament to the series' impact on the world of anime.

Which Bleach Figures to Choose?

Selecting the ideal Bleach figure involves consideration of several key factors to ensure it meets your fandom and collection standards:

  • Character: Choose from iconic figures like Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, or the enigmatic captains of the Gotei 13, each with their distinct style and story arc.
  • Pose and Detail: Opt for figures that highlight the dynamic combat scenes or the characters' special abilities, with detailed costumes and weapons.
  • Quality and Authenticity: Select figures crafted by reputable brands that offer accurate and high-quality representations of the Bleach universe.
  • Series and Editions: Some figures represent specific moments or arcs in the series, like the Arrancar saga or the Thousand-Year Blood War.
  • Size and Scale: Consider the scale, with larger figures providing more detail and presence, while smaller ones are perfect for compact display spaces.

By assessing these aspects, you can find a Bleach figure that perfectly captures the soul of the series and adds a piece of the Shinigami world to your collection.

Which Brands to Choose From?

Fans of Bleach can select from a variety of reputable brands when choosing their figures, each offering distinct styles and levels of detail that cater to different preferences:

  • Banpresto: Known for producing a wide range of Bleach figures, Banpresto offers both affordability and quality, capturing the essence of the characters in dynamic poses.
  • Megahouse: With their excellent craftsmanship, Megahouse provides highly detailed figures from the Bleach series, focusing on character accuracy and vibrant designs.
  • Tsume Art: For those seeking premium quality, Tsume Art creates limited edition Bleach figures with intricate details and dynamic compositions, ideal for serious collectors.

These brands represent the best in the market for Bleach collectibles, ensuring fans can find figures that resonate with their admiration for the series and its characters.

How Much Do Bleach Figures Cost?

Bleach figures at Nippon Figures are available across various price points to accommodate different budgets and preferences:

  • Affordable: Budget-friendly options are available for fans who wish to own a piece of the Bleach universe without a significant financial commitment.
  • Mid-Range: These figures offer a balance between cost and detail, providing better quality and more intricate designs than the most affordable options.
  • Premium: High-end Bleach figures are designed for the serious collector, featuring exceptional detail, larger scales, and often limited availability, reflecting their higher price point.

This range ensures that every Bleach fan can find a figure that fits their budget while still fulfilling their desire for quality and authenticity in their collection.

Find Your Favorite Figure!

Nippon Figures offers an extensive collection of Bleach figures, allowing fans to bring home their favorite characters from the iconic series. Here are some of the most popular characters featured in our collection:

  • Ichigo Kurosaki: As the protagonist, Ichigo figures are in high demand, showcasing his various forms from Soul Reaper to Final Getsuga Tensho.
  • Rukia Kuchiki: Rukia figures capture her elegance and strength, often depicted in her Soul Reaper attire wielding her zanpakuto, Sode no Shirayuki.
  • Byakuya Kuchiki: Known for his stoic beauty and deadly skills, Byakuya figures are a hit for their detailed representation of his Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.
  • Toshiro Hitsugaya: The youthful captain with ice-based powers, Hitsugaya figures are sought after for their depiction of his Hyorinmaru and icy demeanor.
  • Kenpachi Zaraki: A favorite for his fearsome appearance and immense power, Kenpachi figures often highlight his battle-hungry grin and distinctive eyepatch.

These figures not only allow fans to celebrate their favorite Bleach characters but also serve as a testament to the enduring popularity and impact of the series. Whether for display or as cherished collectibles, these figures bring the spirit of Bleach into the homes of fans worldwide, with Nippon Figures providing the quality and authenticity that collectors seek.

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