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Wholesale Partnerships with Nippon Figures

Welcome to the Wholesale Division of Nippon Figures, your primary destination for genuine anime figures from Japan. We are dedicated to supplying businesses with an exclusive array of high-quality anime figures, from the latest hits in the anime world to timeless classics. Our commitment to authenticity and quality makes us the perfect partner for retailers, distributors, and corporate clients looking to enhance their product lineup with the captivating allure of anime figures.

Why Choose Nippon Figures as Your Wholesale Partner?

  • Curated Selection: Gain access to a carefully selected collection of anime figures, ensuring your inventory is both diverse and desirable to fans and collectors alike.

  • Competitive Wholesale Pricing: Take advantage of our competitive pricing strategy, tailored to help you achieve attractive profit margins without compromising on the quality and authenticity your customers demand.

  • Guaranteed Authenticity: Every figure we offer is directly sourced from Japan, guaranteeing authentic products that truly resonate with anime enthusiasts and collectors.

  • Tailored Business Solutions: Our team is committed to understanding and meeting your specific business needs, offering personalized support to make our partnership a success.

Partner with Us

Whether you're managing a retail store, an online shop, or seeking unique items for corporate gifting, Nippon Figures provides scalable solutions tailored to your wholesale needs. We invite you to become part of our esteemed network of partners and elevate your business with our authentic anime figures.

For inquiries and to discuss your wholesale requirements, please contact us at Our dedicated team is eager to assist you in forging a successful partnership with Nippon Figures.