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Emilia Figures - Nippon Figures

Emilia Figures

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Explore the Ethereal Beauty of Emilia from Re:Zero

Emilia, the kind-hearted half-elf with mysterious origins from Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World, is not only a pivotal character but also a symbol of purity and resilience. Known for her role as a royal candidate in the series, Emilia's journey through trials and tribulations alongside her allies, like Ram and Rem, showcases her growth from a secluded figure into a determined leader. Her striking silver hair and amethyst eyes make her figures a captivating highlight for any collector.

Who is Emilia?

Emilia is celebrated for her graceful demeanor and powerful magical abilities. Despite facing discrimination and suspicion due to her half-elf heritage, she remains optimistic and committed to fighting for peace and equality in her world.

Why Emilia Figures?

At Nippon Figures, Emilia figures beautifully capture her elegance and strength. These collectibles highlight her various aspects from different episodes and seasons, offering fans a way to cherish and display their favorite moments of her character.

Which Emilia Figures to Choose?

  • Character Likeness: Search for figures that capture Emilia’s ethereal beauty and her signature long silver hair and purple eyes.
  • Pose and Detail: Opt for figures that depict Emilia in magical casting poses or reflective moments, emphasizing her personality and powers.
  • Quality and Authenticity: Ensure you're choosing high-quality, authentic figures that intricately detail Emilia’s elaborate outfits and expressions.
  • Series and Editions: Choose from various series that highlight Emilia’s journey through the anime, enhancing their collectible and aesthetic value.
  • Size and Scale: From impressive statues to more compact figures, select based on your display preferences and space.

Explore Our Exclusive Emilia Figures

Which Brands to Choose From?

  • SEGA, Bandai Spirits, FuRyu, Phat Company, and Good Smile Company: These brands are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to capturing the essence of Emilia's character in various thematic and stylistic representations.

How Much Do Emilia Figures Cost?

  • Affordable: Starting around $25 for smaller or simpler figures, perfect for casual fans.
  • Mid-Range: Priced between $50 to $150, offering detailed figures with dynamic poses and rich colors.
  • Premium: Above $150, typically for large-scale or limited-edition figures, aimed at serious collectors seeking the highest detail and exclusivity.

Find Your Favorite Figure

Our collection of Emilia figures at Nippon Figures brings to life the magical and inspiring world of this beloved "Re:Zero" character. From her battles to protect her friends to her moments of introspection, these figures capture the essence of Emilia’s enduring appeal. Dive into the world of Re:Zero and find the perfect Emilia figure to enhance your collection.

Explore our extensive collection today and find the perfect figure to bring your favorite anime characters to life. With a focus on quality, variety, and true-to-source designs, Nippon Figures is your go-to destination for authentic anime collectibles.