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Trading Card Game (TCG)

(373 products)

Why Trading Card Game?

Explore the thrill of strategy and luck with our Trading Cards Game at Nippon Figures. This collection brings together the best of TCG worlds, featuring favorites like Pokemon TCG, One Piece TCG, Dragon Ball Super TCG, Yugioh TCG, and Weiss Schwarz. Ideal for both seasoned collectors and new players, each game offers unique adventures and powerful cards.

Which series to choose from?

Deciding which TCG series to dive into can be as strategic as the games themselves. Pokemon TCG offers a classic experience with ever-evolving decks and legendary creatures. One Piece TCG brings the high seas adventures of Luffy and his crew to life. Dragon Ball Super TCG lets fans battle with the powerful beings of the Dragon Ball universe. Yugioh TCG challenges players with complex duels and trap cards, while Weiss Schwarz features a crossover of characters from various anime universes.

How many cards in a box?

Each booster box across our Trading Card Game collection varies slightly by series:

How much do Trading Card Game cost?

The price range for TCG boxes at Nippon Figures varies, reflecting the rarity and current market demand:

  • Affordable: Start your collection with options as low as $20.
  • Mid-Range: Enjoy a broader selection of cards and special editions from $50 to $100.
  • Premium: For the serious collectors, premium boxes and rare finds can exceed $100.

Find your favorite cards!

Highlight your collection with standout series and cards. Discover rare pulls from the Pokemon 151 series, master strategic plays with the latest One Piece TCG expansions, or build a powerful deck with the elite Dragon Ball Super universe fighters. Explore more and complete your collection at Nippon Figures.