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No matter where you are, you can get official Weiss Schwarz cards. However, they might not always be the easiest or cheapest to find. But if you’re a fan, you want the best, right?

At Nippon Figures, we make it simple to find your favorite Weiss Schwarz cards and have them delivered worldwide! Here is a list of all our Weiss Schwarz products:

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Weiss Schwarz - Nippon Figures

What is Weiss Schwarz?

Weiss Schwarz is a popular trading card game (TCG) that brings the excitement of anime and manga to card-based gameplay. At Nippon Figures, we offer a wide selection of Weiss Schwarz cards, including sets from beloved series like Chainsaw Man. Each card features detailed artwork and character abilities, making Weiss Schwarz a must-have for any anime fan and card game enthusiast.

Weiss Schwarz allows players to build decks based on their favorite anime and manga series, combining strategic gameplay with the joy of collecting. The game is designed to be accessible to beginners while offering deep strategic elements for experienced players. Whether you're a fan of action, romance, or fantasy, Weiss Schwarz has something for everyone.

When Did Weiss Schwarz Come Out?

Weiss Schwarz was first released in Japan by Bushiroad in 2007. Since then, it has grown in popularity worldwide, attracting a dedicated community of players and collectors. The game's unique blend of anime themes and strategic card play has made it a staple in the TCG landscape. With regular releases and updates, Weiss Schwarz continues to evolve, bringing new series and exciting gameplay mechanics to its fans.

History of Weiss Schwarz

Weiss Schwarz was created by Bushiroad, a company known for producing popular card games and supporting competitive play. The game's name, "Weiss Schwarz," translates to "White Black" in German, reflecting the game's dual-themed format. Players can choose to build decks from either the Weiss side, which often features lighter and more heroic themes, or the Schwarz side, which includes darker and more villainous themes.

Over the years, Weiss Schwarz has featured numerous anime and manga series, ranging from classic titles to contemporary hits. Some of the most popular series in Weiss Schwarz include "Sword Art Online," "Attack on Titan," "Re," and "Chainsaw Man." Each series brings unique mechanics and strategies to the game, allowing players to experience their favorite stories in a new way.

Weiss Schwarz has also established itself as a competitive card game, with tournaments and events held worldwide. Bushiroad supports the competitive scene with regular releases of new sets, balance updates, and organized play events. This commitment to the community has helped Weiss Schwarz maintain its popularity and continue to grow.

By offering a blend of beloved anime themes and strategic gameplay, Weiss Schwarz has carved out a unique niche in the TCG world. At Nippon Figures, we are proud to offer a wide range of Weiss Schwarz cards and products, allowing fans to build their dream decks and enjoy this exciting game.

How to Play Weiss Schwarz

Weiss Schwarz is a trading card game that allows players to bring their favorite anime and manga characters into strategic card battles. Here's a brief overview of how to play:

  1. Deck Construction: Players build their decks using cards from their favorite series. A standard deck consists of 50 cards, including characters, events, and climax cards. Players can mix cards from different series if they follow the same thematic side (Weiss or Schwarz).

  2. Starting the Game: Players draw five cards from their deck to form their starting hand. They can mulligan by discarding any number of cards and drawing new ones. Each player places a character in their front row at the start of the game.

  3. Gameplay Phases: The game proceeds through several phases each turn:

    • Draw Phase: Draw one card from the deck.
    • Clock Phase: Optional phase to take damage and draw two cards.
    • Main Phase: Play characters, events, and climax cards. Move characters and attack your opponent's characters.
    • Attack Phase: Characters battle, dealing damage to the opponent or their characters.
    • End Phase: Resolve any end-of-turn effects.
  4. Winning the Game: The goal is to deal seven levels of damage to your opponent. Each level requires your opponent to take a specific amount of damage, represented by cards in their clock area. The first player to reach level four loses the game.

Weiss Schwarz combines strategic depth with the excitement of anime-themed gameplay, making it a favorite among TCG enthusiasts and anime fans alike.

Spotlight on Popular Cards and Combos

In Weiss Schwarz, the synergy between cards can often determine the outcome of a game. Popular combos often revolve around maximizing the effects of climax cards with character cards to unleash powerful attacks or defend against opponents. For instance, the combination of "Attack on Titan's" Eren Yeager character card with his "Titan Form" climax card can devastate opponents by boosting attack power and providing critical defensive capabilities.

Guide to Card Rarity and Value

In the world of Weiss Schwarz, the rarity of cards significantly influences both their gameplay impact and their value as collectibles. While common cards form the foundation of any deck, it is the rare, super rare (SR), and special rare (SP) cards that often provide the unique advantages and are highly sought after by collectors for their rarity and distinctive artwork.

One of the rarest cards in the game is "Boundless Obsessive Love, Albedo" from the Overlord series, valued at approximately $3,700. This card's rarity is heightened by Albedo's importance in the series as well as the autographed signature featured on the card, making it an exceptional find.

Another notable card is "Loli, Scornful Eyes, Unfriendly" Roxy from Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, priced at around $1,650. Special rare cards like this one are particularly valuable due to the gold signatures they bear, and the card's artwork reflects Roxy's distinct personality, adding to its appeal.

"Link Strike" Sinon from Sword Art Online The Movie -Ordinal Scale- stands out with a market value of $1,100. This card showcases a beautiful design and includes a signature in black ink, enhancing its collectibility.

The "Logical Witch, Rio Futaba" card from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, valued at $800, features Rio Futaba in a gentle, introspective pose, reflecting her character's depth and struggles within the series.

Finally, "Quiet Passion" featuring Levi from Attack on Titan is listed at around $700. Despite its non-flashy design, the card's value is boosted by Levi's popularity and the rarity of Attack on Titan cards within the Weiss Schwarz series, underscoring its significance among collectors.

Understanding the rarity and value of these cards is crucial for players and collectors alike, whether you are building competitive decks or seeking to acquire rare cards that might appreciate in value over time.

How Much Does Weiss Schwarz TCG Booster Box Cost?

Prices for Weiss Schwarz TCG booster boxes at Nippon Figures range from $50 to $250, reflecting the rarity, popularity, and special features of each set. Our offerings cater to all levels of collectors, from those seeking entry-level options to enthusiasts looking for rare and exclusive cards.

Which Weiss Schwarz Booster Box to Choose?

Selecting the right booster box is crucial for enhancing your gameplay and expanding your deck with powerful new cards. Nippon Figures offers an extensive selection of Weiss Schwarz booster boxes, each featuring beloved anime and manga series. Whether you are just starting out or looking to add to your collection, here are some top picks: