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Anime Teogonia Set to Air in 2025! First Teaser Video Released

Anime Teogonia Set to Air in 2025! First Teaser Video Released

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The anime Teogonia has been announced to air in 2025. Along with this announcement, the first teaser video has been released. Mutsumi Tamura will voice Kai, and Kana Hanazawa will voice Joze as part of the main cast.

Mutsumi Tamura as the voice of Kai in Teogonia
Kana Hanazawa as the voice of Joze in Teogonia

Teogonia is a dark fantasy based on the novel by Maiji Tani, which has been adapted into a manga and has sold over 500,000 copies including digital editions.

In a world where humans are constantly threatened by other species like the Macaque and Ogre, Kai, a young boy from Lag village, fights daily to protect his village. As the brutal battles claim the lives of his comrades one after another, Kai begins to recall strange memories he should have never experienced—memories of advanced technology and life from a more developed world. Suddenly, this simple villager, Kai, finds himself entangled in a major ordeal.

This new teaser video, following a special announcement, marks the beginning of an epic fantasy about a boy's struggle and growth in a harsh world. The addition of Mutsumi Tamura as Kai, who gains new powers as he recovers memories unknown to him, and Kana Hanazawa as Joze, the daughter of the village lord who is a bearer of divine protection and trains with Kai, also highlights their critical roles in this saga.

On July 5th, the 12th volume of the original manga will be released.

On July 5th, the 12th volume of Teogonia manga will be released.

Teogonia 2025 TV Broadcast Details:

  • Original Work: Maiji Tani (Published by PASH! Books / Mainichi Living Co.)
  • Director: Kunihiko Mori
  • Series Composition: Tomohiro Okubo
  • Character Design: Hirokazu Kono
  • Music: Kento Fujisawa
  • Animation Studio: Asahi Production
  • Produced by: WOWMAX
  • Ending Theme: "The Moon, Me, and a New Self" by STU48


  • Kai: Mutsumi Tamura
  • Joze: Kana Hanazawa

(C) Maiji Tani, Mainichi Living Co. Teogonia Production Committee

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