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Season 2 of "WIND BREAKER" Confirmed for 2025! Announcement Video Released

Season 2 of "WIND BREAKER" Confirmed for 2025! Announcement Video Released

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The production of "WIND BREAKER Season 2" has been confirmed, and it's set to air in 2025. This news comes right after the finale of Season 1, alongside the release of a video announcing the decision to produce a second season.

"WIND BREAKER," currently serialized on Weekly Shonen Magazine's official app, Magazine Pocket, is a delinquent manga by Niisatoru. It's set in Fuurin High School, known for its notoriously low academic standards but top-tier brawlers. The story follows Haruka Sakura, a first-year high school student who arrives in town aiming to reach the top of this notorious school. He discovers that the school is part of a group called "Boufurin," dedicated to protecting the town, and he joins them in their fights to safeguard their turf.

Wind Breaker Anime

The manga has consistently topped popularity rankings on Magazine Pocket and has quickly gone through multiple print runs due to its popularity. Directed by Toshifumi Akai and animated by CloverWorks, the anime was broadcast nationally across 28 MBS/TBS network stations starting in April 2024 as part of the "Super Animeism TURBO" block. Starting in August, the first exhibition titled "WIND BREAKER Exhibition" will begin in Tokyo, with plans to tour nationwide in cities like Kyoto and Fukuoka.

Season 2 of "WIND BREAKER" Confirmed for 2025! Announcement Video Released

With the broadcast of its final episode on June 27, the announcement video for "WIND BREAKER Season 2" was released, featuring the voice of Yuuma Uchida as Haruka Sakura, and it has been confirmed that the show will air in 2025. Keep your eyes peeled for more thrilling updates from this increasingly popular series!

  • Broadcast Info: Every Thursday at 0:26 AM on the "Super Animeism TURBO" block across 28 MBS/TBS network stations, BS Nippon TV: Every Wednesday at 11:00 PM, AT-X: Every Friday at 9:30 PM with repeats every Tuesday at 9:30 AM and Thursday at 3:30 PM.
  • Streaming Info: Sequential release on ABEMA and other platforms.
  • Staff:
    • Original work: Niisatoru (Serialized in Kodansha's Magazine Pocket)
    • Director: Toshifumi Akai
    • Series Composition: Hiroshi Seko
    • Character Design & Chief Animation Director: Hiroshi Kawamoto
    • Action Director: Kazuyuki Asaga
    • Prop Design: Maiko Hado
    • Art Setting & Art Director: Yasunao Moriyasu
    • Color Design: Asuka Yokota
    • Photography Director: Yuki Nagase
    • 3D Director: Keita Watanabe (Sublimation)
    • Editing: Akira Mishima
    • Music: Ryo Takahashi
    • Sound Director: Hitoshi Aketagawa
    • Production: CloverWorks
  • Opening Theme: "Absolute Zero" by Natori (Sony Music Labels)
  • Ending Theme: "Invincible Young Kee" by Young Kee (Sony Music Labels / gr8!records)
  • Cast:
    • Haruka Sakura: Yuuma Uchida
    • Akihiko Nirei: Shoya Chiba
    • Kyotaro Sugita: Koki Uchiyama
    • Hayato Soki: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Shimazaki uses the character 'tatsu' in his family name)
    • Mitsuki Kiryu: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
    • Taiga Tsuura: Kengo Kawanishi
    • Kazuto Umemiya: Yuichi Nakamura
    • Toma Hiiragi: Ryota Suzuki
    • Ren Kaji: Nobuhiko Okamoto
    • Dongji Usagiyama: Kikunosuke Toya
    • Joh Jugame: Yuichiro Umehara
    • Kota Sagiri: Chiaki Kobayashi
    • Kotoha Tachibana: Ikumi Hasegawa

(C) Niisatoru & Kodansha / WIND BREAKER Project

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