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“One Piece,” “Macross,” “Angel Beats!”… Double Cast Anime Singer: “A Few Moments of Cheers” Joins the Lineup!

“One Piece,” “Macross,” “Angel Beats!”… Double Cast Anime Singer: “A Few Moments of Cheers” Joins the Lineup!

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From Uta in ONE PIECE FILM RED to Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier, anime is home to many powerful singers. This time, let's spotlight characters who feature both acting and singing talents—essentially, double cast roles. An original theatrical anime, A Few Moments of Cheers, created by the team at Hurray! and screenwriter Toki Hanada, is set to premiere on June 14th.

The story follows Kanata Asaya, a high school student deeply engrossed in making music videos. He encounters Yuu Origami, a street performer with an incredible voice, and decides to create a music video for her. Mariya Ise voices Yuu, while Kei Sugawara provides the singing. This dual casting approach, where voice actors handle the acting and artists handle the singing, is quite prevalent in anime.

Here’s a look at some notable examples:


Known as the "World's Singer," Uta shocked fans by being introduced as Luffy's childhood friend and the daughter of Red-Haired Shanks. Kaori Nazuka, famous for roles in Haikyuu!! and Eureka Seven, voices Uta. The powerhouse vocalist Ado, who recently made history with a solo concert at the National Stadium, handles her singing. Uta's songs, including "New Genesis" by Yasutaka Nakata and "I Am Invincible" by Motoki Omori of Mrs. GREEN APPLE, feature compositions from top-tier artists. The film's cheer screenings, allowing fans to sing along and use penlights, offered a unique twist on the usual ONE PIECE movie experience.

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Macross series, Sheryl, known as the "Galactic Fairy," was brought to life by Aya Endo, with May'n providing the singing voice. Sheryl's rival, Ranka Lee, is voiced and sung by Megumi Nakajima. The love triangle involving Sheryl, protagonist Alto Saotome, and Ranka adds thrilling drama. Yoko Kanno, known for her work on Turn A Gundam and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, composed many of Sheryl’s songs, including the iconic "Sagittarius ☆ 9pm Don't be late."

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier

Girls Dead Monster from Angel Beats!

Created by Jun Maeda, this 2010 fantasy anime features the popular band "Girls Dead Monster" (Garudemo) within its storyline. Vocalists marina and LiSA brought the band's music to life, while Miyuki Sawashiro and Eri Kitamura provided the character voices. The band's music, including the OP theme "My Soul, Your Beats!" and ED theme "Brave Song," written and composed by Maeda, captured themes of life and death with a powerful rock sound, resonating deeply with fans.

Girls Dead Monster from Angel Beats!

A Few Moments of Cheers

Directed by Hurray!, tells the story of high school student Kanata Asaya who, captivated by the voice of street performer Yuu Origami, strives to create a music video for her. Mariya Ise voices Yuu, while Kei Sugawara, an artist selected by Spotify as a "RADAR: Early Noise 2022" artist, provides the singing. Sugawara's powerful yet delicate voice is sure to move audiences, much like it does for the protagonist.

The movie features several songs by Sugawara, with lyric videos already available on the film's official YouTube channel. The combination of her singing and unique illustrations makes for a captivating preview.

Other notable dual cast roles include:

  • Miho Miyazaki (voice: Ami Koshimizu, singing: JUNNA) from Macross Delta
  • Vivy (voice: Atsumi Tanezaki, singing: Kairi Yagi) from Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song-
  • Inori Yuzuriha (voice: Ai Kayano, singing: Chelly) from Guilty Crown
  • Carole (voice: Miyuri Shimabukuro, singing: Nai Br.XX) and Tuesday (voice: Kana Ichinose, singing: Celeina Ann) from Carole & Tuesday
  • Angela (voice: Sumire Uesaka, singing: Alisa) from Carole & Tuesday

Don't miss the chance to experience the voices of these incredible anime songstresses. Each one brings a unique and powerful element to their respective series, adding depth and emotion to their characters.

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