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Netflix Japan's July Lineup; Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc and Time Patrol Bon Season 2!

Kinnikuman: Perfect Origin Arc and Time Patrol Bon Season 2! Netflix's July Lineup

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Netflix has announced its lineup for July 2024. In the anime department, we have the second season of the manga-based "T.P. Bon" by Fujiko F. Fujio, and the new series "Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc."

T.P. Bon: Season 2

"T.P. Bon: Season 2" will be exclusively available on Netflix starting July 17, 2024. This sci-fi adventure, based on the manga by Fujiko F. Fujio, enters its second season with Bon becoming a full-fledged Time Patrol member, traveling back in time to save Yuko Yasukawa, a victim of a random attack. This continuation offers a slightly eccentric take on an otherwise ordinary story, making it a fascinating "slightly mysterious" historical adventure for both adults and children.

Koneko Bakuhatsu

Another highly anticipated release is "Koneko Bakuhatsu," a comedy anime based on the popular card game, debuting exclusively on Netflix on July 12. The story features a battle between a god cat and a devil cat sent to Earth.

Additionally, "Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc" will begin its exclusive SVOD streaming on July 8. This new anime series, produced by Production I.G, continues the popular "Kinniku Sei Ooui Soudatsu Hen" arc from the original series and boasts a star-studded cast, including Mamoru Miyano.


In celebration of its August theatrical re-release, "THE FIRST SLAM DUNK" is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix Japan.

Raja of the Attic
Chi’s Sweet Home: Ponponra Summer Vacation

Studio Ponoc’s feature-length anime "Raja of the Attic," directed by Yoshiyuki Momose, will be available from July 5. The new adventure series "Chi’s Sweet Home: Ponponra Summer Vacation," set in Okinawa, will start streaming exclusively on July 19. Don’t miss these exciting new releases!

Netflix July 2024 Content (Anime)

Netflix Series

  • T.P. Bon: Season 2 - Streaming exclusively from July 17
  • Koneko Bakuhatsu - Streaming exclusively from July 12

Featured Streaming Titles

  • Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc - Streaming exclusively from July 8
  • THE FIRST SLAM DUNK - Currently streaming exclusively
  • Raja of the Attic - Streaming exclusively from July 5
  • Chi’s Sweet Home: Ponponra Summer Vacation - Streaming exclusively from July 19

(C) NETFLIX, INC. AND ITS AFFILIATES, 2024. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. (C) Yudetamago/Shueisha/Kinnikuman Production Committee (C) I.T. PLANNING, INC. (C) 2022 THE FIRST SLAM DUNK Film Partners (C) 2023 Ponoc (C) Konami Kanata/Kodansha/Chi’s Sweet Home Production Committee 2023

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