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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Movie First 7 Minutes Preview is Available on TOHO's Youtube Channel

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Movie First 7 Minutes Preview Has Been Revealed

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The movie Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – The Beginning to a New Era has been a runaway hit, surpassing 1 billion yen in box office revenue as of June 15, just 23 days after its release. Starting June 24, the first seven minutes of the movie are available for a limited one-month period on TOHO's official YouTube channel. Additionally, on June 29, highly anticipated support screenings will be held in five theaters nationwide.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – The Beginning to a New Era
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – The Beginning to a New Era

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is a cross-media project by Cygames that tells the story of Uma Musume, girls who inherit the names and spirits of legendary racehorses. The game has surpassed 21 million downloads. Their passionate journey to conquer the dream stage, the Twinkle Series, is not only popular in the game but has also taken over anime, music, comics, and events.

Since 2018, the official YouTube channel PakaTube! has been running, boasting over 1.07 million subscribers and more than 280 million total views. Uma  Uma Musume: Pretty DerbyThe Beginning to a New Erais the first theatrical film of this series, released on May 24.

This movie, depicting the intense battles to become the strongest, has continued its momentum, reaching over 1 billion yen in revenue by June 15. From June 8, MX4D & 4DX screenings began, further enhancing the immersive experience with the scent of grass and the vibrations of the horses' hooves, making the film even more engaging.

The first seven minutes available on YouTube feature a crucial scene where Jungle Pocket, a young Umamusume nicknamed “Pocke,” who has been running in freestyle races, is inspired by Fuji Kiseki’s performance in the Twinkle Series race and decides to compete in the series herself. This clip includes the opening sequence with the theme song “Ready!! Steady!! Derby!!”.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – The Beginning to a New Era

On June 29 at 7 PM, fans (known as Trainers) can enjoy support screenings in five theaters across five prefectures. These screenings will allow cheering, using support goods, and interactive participation, making it feel like you’re at an actual race. An official support screening guide video has been released to help fans prepare for the event.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – The Beginning to a New Era

Additionally, starting June 22, the fourth round of attendee gifts will be distributed, featuring five types of “replica art postcards.” From July 6, the fifth round will include “film-style bookmarks” depicting winning live scenes. These exclusive items are available only at the theater.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – The Beginning to a New Era

Get ready for an exciting experience with Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – The Beginning to a New Era and don’t miss the chance to catch the first seven minutes on YouTube or join the support screenings!

Support Screening Details

  • Date: June 29 (Sat) 7 PM
  • Theaters: 5 theaters in 5 prefectures nationwide
  • Hokkaido: TOHO Cinemas Susukino
  • Tokyo: TOHO Cinemas Ikebukuro
  • Aichi: Midland Square Cinema
  • Osaka: TOHO Cinemas Namba
  • Fukuoka: T-Joy Hakata

Tickets: On sale from June 26 (Wed) midnight on each theater’s website

The fourth round of attendee gifts includes “replica art postcards” (five types, random) distributed from June 22 to July 5 at screening theaters. The fifth round of gifts includes “film-style bookmarks” (five types, random) distributed from July 6. Both include serial codes for game items and are available at regular, MX4D, 4DX, and support screenings.

You can find Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Booster Box here!

Movie Details

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – The Beginning to a New Era

  • Jungle Pocket: Yuri Fujimori
  • Agnes Tachyon: Sumire Uesaka
  • Manhattan Cafe: Yui Ogura
  • Dantsu Flame: Haruna Fukushima
  • TM Opera O: Sora Tokui
  • Fuji Kiseki: Eriko Matsui
  • Narita Top Road: Kanna Nakamura
  • Meisho Doto: Misaki Watada
  • Tanabe Trainer: Kenichi Ogata
  • Ruu: Miyuki Sakurai
  • Shima: Yurie Ikoma
  • Mei: Saya Jinmi
  • Nana Izumimoto (Commentary): Rina Honizumi

Theme Song: “Ready!! Steady!! Derby!!”

Lyrics & Music: Masayoshi Oishi

  • Original Work: Cygames
  • Director: Takeshi Yamamoto
  • Scenario Director & Story Composition: Tetsuya Kobari
  • Script: Kiyoko Yoshimura
  • Character Design & Chief Animation Director: Jun Yamazaki
  • Art Director: Yusuke Watanabe
  • Color Design: Yo Iwaida
  • 3D Director: Yoshinori Nakano
  • Director of Photography: Hiroki Kawashita, Akane Fushihara
  • Editing: Yoshiko Kimura
  • Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
  • Music Producer: Tetsuya Uchida
  • Music: Masaru Yokoyama
  • Content Director: Takuma Akitsu
  • Character Design Supervision: Minami Kiyonaga
  • Animation Producer: Kan Mizoguchi
  • Production: CygamesPictures
  • Distribution: TOHO

(C) 2024 Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – The Beginning to a New Era Production Committee

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